AirSense 11 Water Chamber

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  • Brand: ResMed
  • Product Code: AirSense 11 Water Chamber

AirSense 11 Replacement Humidifier Chamber:

    The humidifier chamber on the AirSense 11 attaches to the right side of the CPAP. It is designed to work best with distilled water. It holds up to 380 mL or about 6.5 ounces of water. The open design allows you to clean the water chamber easily with soap and water. It is recommended that you clean the water chamber at least once per week with light soap and water. 

    The new silicone seals on the AirSense 11 water chamber are now integrated. That means that you do not have to deal with extra parts that can be lost or damaged. It also features a stainless-steel heater plate on the bottom of the chamber to ensure longevity. 

How to fill your AirSense 11 Humidifier Chamber:


Step 1: Remove the water chamber 

Step 2: Fill the water chamber with distilled water to the maximum fill line.

Step 3: Close lid ensuring that it snaps shut.

Step 4: Reinstall the chamber into the right side of the AirSense 11. Be sure that it is all the way in to avoid leaks. 

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