DreamStation 2 Humidifier Chamber

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DreamStation 2 Replacement Humidifier Chamber

    The DreamStation 2 water chamber is built to last. It slides in and out easily into the back of the DreamStation 2 CPAP. It is designed to be used with distilled water to reduce mineral buildup and corrosion. The open design allows you to easily fill and maintain your water chamber. It holds 325ml or 11oz of water, and is designed to provide at least 8 hours of humidifier operation.

    It is recommended to fill your water chamber with new water nightly and empty in the morning. Then allow it to air dry throughout the day. This reduces buildup of mold, mildew, and bacteria. The DreamStation 2 water chamber is designed to be filled while removed from the CPAP. You can not remove the lid until the water chamber has been fully removed. 

    This replacement kit does not include the DreamStation 2 Humidifier lid portion. 

DreamStation 2 Humidifier Maintenance:

Step 1: Remove the chamber by pressing down on the release button and sliding out

Step 2: Remove the lid and empty the leftover water

Step 3: Wash thoroughly with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly. 

Step 4: Replace the lid and reinstall the chamber by sliding it into the back of the DreamStation 2. 

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