DreamStation 2 Disposable Filters

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DreamStation 2 Disposable Filters

    The DreamStation 2 CPAP machine has both reusable and disposable filters. This is the Disposable filter. The Disposable filters is not washable so it must be replaced on a regular basis. That can vary depending on environment, such as: pets in the home, location, time of year, etc. It is imprtant to check your Disposable Filters on your DreamStation 2 on a regular basis. It is recommended to check them weekly at the same time that you rinse the reusable/washable filter. 
    You can find your DreamStation 2 Filters behind that water chamber on your DreamStation 2. SImply pull the DreamStation 2 water chamber out and you will find a small white tab that will allow you to pull the filters out. The disposable filters slip into place on the bottom of the reusable filter. 

How to change your DreamStation 2 Disposable Filters

Step 1: Remove the Humidifier Chamber

Step 2: Pull on the small white tab to remove the filter kit

Step 3: Remove the disposable filter and insert your new filter

Step 4: Reinstall the filter kit

Step 5: Replace your humidifier chamber

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