DreamStation 2 Heated Tubing

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DreamStation 2 Heated Tubing

    The DreamStation 2 Micro-Flex tube is the thinnest and lightest heated tubing available to date. At only 12mm diameter the DreamStation 2 Heated Tubing is extremely light and flexible. This reduces the hose drag that can make moving around in bed difficult or irritating. It keeps a constant and steady temperature from your humidifier to your airway. This reduces the chance for "rainout" or excess condensation in your CPAP tubing.
    The DreamStation Heated Tube is designed to work only with the DreamStation 2 CPAP machine. It also features a great quick connect that allows you to connect to the "Dream" line of masks with ease. This is easily bypassed with the DreamStation Tubing adapter that is included with this tubing. That adapter allows you to connect with ease to any standard CPAP mask available. 

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