Evora Full Replacement Seal

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Evora Full Replacement Seal Overview:

    The Evora Full seal fits comfortable under the nose and under the mouth. It is a "floating seal", which means that it uses the pressure of the CPAP to help make the seal. That means that you can have a great fit without over-tightening the mask straps. 

    It also features side wings on the side of the nasal portion. This helps to reduce the risk of leaks up the side of the nose. the Evora Full replacement cushion is available in X-Small, Small/Medium, and Large. In a study it was shown to fit 91% of CPAP users effectively. One nice thing is that all the sizes will fit the same frame on the Evora Full. That means that if you have the X-Small and it isn't fitting too well, you can just purcahse the alternate size and plug it right on to your existing mask.  

    Maintenance is very simple on this cushion. It is silicone, so you can simply remove it from the frame, and wash it with warm water and soap. Allow it to air-dry completely, then reattach it to the Evora frame. 

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