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Eson 2 Overview:

The Eson 2 Nasal Mask takes all the great things about the Original Eson Nasal Mask to the next level. The Lightweight and compact design make the Eson 2 feel like you are wearing nothing at all. Additionally, the Eson 2 features a Roll-Fit design cushion. This allows the cushion to seal comfortably on the nose without causing abrasion or pinching at the bridge of the nose. The Eson 2 also features an Exhalation Diffuser. The Diffuser makes the sound and feel of the exhalation almost unnoticeable. The Frame of the Eson 2 fits all sizes of the cushion so that you can try different sizes without having to order a separate CPAP Mask. 
The Headgear has been improved so that customers can fit the mask their own way...including stretching it over your head. It is also ergonomically crafted to make sure that it fits comfortably on the head. The color coordinated Blue highlights allow you to assemble the mask after cleaning or maintenance with ease. You can't go wrong with this mask.


Eson 2 Features: 

  • Quiet Exhalation Diffuser on the exhalation port of the Eson 2 makes this mask one of the quietest on the market. It also reduces the feel of the exhalation tremendously. This gives your sleeping partner a better nights rest as well. 
  • Lightweight design of the Eson 2 makes this mask like wearing nothing at all. Very few traditional style Nasal CPAP Masks have the effectiveness of this seal in such a light-weight design. 
  • Easy to use- The Eson 2 features VisiBlue. The VisiBlue highlights give the user of the Eson 2 a much easier time assembling and disassembling the mask. 
  • Easy to Maintain- There are very few parts on the Eson 2 which makes life a lot easier when taking it apart for cleaning. 
  • Great Seal- The RollFit Seal on Eson 2 gives an incredible seal without having to over-tighten the Mask. It does this by providing a highly flexible cushion over the bridge of the nose. This allows the seal to use the pressure flowing from the CPAP to help seal the Eson 2 without pulling the headgear so tight. 



Eson 2 Specifications: 

Mask Sizes

Small (ESN2SA), Medium (ESN2MA), Large (ESN2LA)

Cleaning Procedure Mask

Hand Wash Daily 

Cleaning Procedure Headgear

Hand Wash Weekly 

Replacement Procedure 

Inspect daily and replace at first sign of wear 


Mask Type

Nasal  CPAP Mask

Part Numbers

Cushions: Sm (400ESN214), Med (400ESN215), Lrg (400ESN216)
Headgear: Standard (400ESN222), Small  (400ESN221)


90 days from Manufacturer 

Operating Range (pressure cm)

4 - 20 cmH2O 

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