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 The Simplus replacement cushion is a simple and more affordable way to make your Simplus fit like its brand new again. It is extremely important to replace your seal as it becomes loose or dirty. Failure to replace this part can cause overtightening of your mask, facial irritation, or loss or PAP performance.


When Fisher and Paykel designed the SImplus they were setting out to revolutionize the way a full face feels on your face as well as how it seals. After many prototypes, customer feedback, and consultations, the Simplus Full Face Mask was born.


The Simlus incorporates 3 key components to make is such a great mask.  

  1. The Rollfit Seal- this is a one-piece seal that allows the cushion to roll back and forth on the bridge of the nose to reduce pressure and irritation while at the same time providing an exceptional fit.
  2. ErgoForm Headgear- which is ergonomically designed to fit high on the back of the head. It is a breathable and easily adjusted. Featuring imbedded Velcro pads, adjustable crown strap, and stretch and non-stretch panels for a great fit.
  3. Easy Frame- is a low profile frame that fits all 3 size cushions of the Simplus mask system.



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