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Evora Full Face Overview:

    Fisher and Paykel are certainly one of the best when it comes to quality CPAP masks. The Evora Full is certainly another feather in that hat. The Evora Full is a minimal contact full face mask. Meaning that it seals under the nose instead of over the bridge of the nose. This gives the user a clear line of site while wearing the mask. This allows you wear glasses, watch TV or read a book while wearing the mask in bed. 

    The frame of the Evora is completely on the front of the face. The tubing comes off the front of it at the bottom of the frame. This gives the Evora a very low profile, which makes it a great option for side sleepers. It also features a 4-point headgear making it a very stable CPAP mask as well. 

    The exhalation ports on the Evora are much different than the other minimal contact full face options. This is because they are in two separate locations near the bottom of the mask. They diffuse the exhalation very quietly and in a manner that gives very little draft. This is great for CPAP users that have experienced issues with exhalation draft or if a bed partner has had that issue. 

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Evora Full Features:

  • Dynamic Support Technology- The Evora features a floating seal and stability wings on the seal itself. This allows for the seal to float on the face when the CPAP is on. That gives a great seal with very minimal tightening on the face. The stability wings keep the seal in place to give you a great freedom of movement. This has allowed the Evora full face to fit 91% of trial CPAP users.
  • Top Notch Headgear- The headgear on the Evora full has to be the best in the minimal contact category. The VentiCool fabric on the back of the straps allows your head to stay cool and comfortable. Additionally, the Velcro that F&P uses on all of their masks is top notch. It lasts a long time and adjusts very easily.
  • Fitpack option- The Evora full has an X-Small, Small/Medium, and Large seal option, and all of them fit the same frame. Additionally, this mask can be purchased as a Fitpack with all of those sizes included.
  • Minimal Contact design- The design of the Evora keep the entire seal below the nose while still allowing you to breath through your nose or mouth. That means nothing in your line of sight at all. Wear glasses, watch TV, or read in bed with your mask on.
  • Quiet Exhalation- The exhalation ports on the front of the mask are at the bottom sides of the frame, near the tube connection. These ports direct the air in to directions and reduce the exhalation draft that can bother the bed partner or CPAP user.
  • Quick headgear connections- It also features simple clips and a quick attach snap that makes taking the headgear on and off the frame super simple.
  • Built to last- The Evora is not junk. The main parts that wear on CPAP masks are the seals and the headgear. Both of those parts on this mask are built for longevity.

Evora Full Specifications:

Mask TypeFull Face
Mask SizesExtra Small (EVF1XA), Small/Medium (EVF1MA), Large (EVF1LA) and FitPack (EVF1XMLA)
Headgear SizesStandard (400EVF121) and X-Large (400EVF122)
Warranty90 days
Accessory Part NumbersEvora Headgear and Frame Clips (400EVF141), Evora Spare Tube replacement (400EVF151)
Billing Procedure CodesA7030 and A7035

Evora Full Setup and Review Video:

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