HC-150 CPAP Humidifier

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HC-150 CPAP Humidifier Overview:

    The HC-150 is a great option for CPAP users that need an external humidifier. It holds about 13.5 oz or 400ml of water. This is slightly more than the average humidifier system that comes with most home CPAPs. The heater plate is adjustable from a setting of 1-4 on the front dial. I you are in need of more humidity, then you will turn up the setting. If you have condensation issues indicating too much humidity, then you turn the setting down. 

    This humidifier is designed to be used with distilled water only. You will fill the chamber nightly to the blue "max fill" line. Then empty the chamber in the morning to allow it to air-dry. The HC-150 can be cleaned with a mild soap/water mix or a light mix of vinegar and water. Be sure to rinse the chamber thoroughly after maintenance. 

What is included with the HC-150 Starter Kit:

  • HC-150 Heater Plate
  • HC-150 Mounting Tray
  • 2 HC-150 Replacement Chamber
  • HC-150 Adapter Hose

Maintaining your HC-150 CPAP Humidifier:

  1. Switch off the HC-150 and unplug from the power cord
  2. Detach the water tank and allow it to cool.
  3. Wipe the HC-150 exterior with a damp cloth and mild dishwasher detergent. Note: do not use harsh abrasives or solvents, as these may cause damage.
  4. Daily- Tinse the water chamber and breathing tube with warm soapy water. Rinse well and allow to air dry.
  5. Weekly- Soak the inside of the chamber for 10 minutes in a 1 part white vinegar 2 part water solution. Rinse thoroughly and air dry before use.

HC-150 Video:

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