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iBreeze Auto CPAP Machine Overview:

    The IBreeze Auto CPAP is a fairly new CPAP machine to the United States. It has been widely used in both Europe and Asia for quite some time. This Auto CPAP features all of the comforts and needs that you would expect from a mainstream model. 

    It has a sleek design and a very small footprint on the nightstand. It has a front facing 3.5" LCD display so that navigating the menu is super-simple. The iBreeze also features a Smart Ramp that allows you to fall asleep at a lower pressure, then gradually increase to therapeutic settings after you have fallen asleep. It is just under 3.5 lbs and takes up just 9.4" x 7" of your night stand. 

    iBreeze Auto CPAP also features an integrated Heated Humidifier featuring intelligent humification. The Heated Humidifier on the iBreeze monitors your rooms temperature and humidity so that it can add the needed humidification to your air without the excess condensation issues in your tubing. 

iBreeze Auto CPAP Features:

  • Beautiful color display- The 3.5" LCD screen allows you to navigate the menu with ease, and also makes reviewing your results clear and easy. 
  • Intelligent Pressure Release- The iBreeze has a great pressure reduction feature for easier exhalation. It can be adjusted from 0-3 for your comfort. 
  • Smart Ramp- The ramp system on the iBreeze allows you to fall asleep with ease at a reduced pressure, and then gently increases to therapy pressures after you have fallen asleep. 
  • Smart Humidification System- The heated humidifier on this iBreeze auto CPAP takes your room temperature and humidity into account so that you get the humidification that you need without causing "rain-out" or excess condensation. 
  • Therapy and Compliance monitoring- the iMatrix software allows your CPAP provider to report on your Therapy metrics for follow up or Compliance purposes. The iBreeze monitors and reports on Compliance Usage, Apnea Hypopnea Index. Central Apnea Index, Snoring Index, Flow Limitations, R.E.R.A., Periodic Breathing and more. 
  • Detailed Features- Automatic altitude adjustment, automatic leak compensation, intelligent tube drying, power save mode, on-screen patient therapy reporting, Auto Start and Auto Stop, power failure alarm and more. 

iBreeze Auto CPAP Specifications:

Size9.4" Long x 7" Wide  x 5" Tall
Weight3.4 lbs
Pressure Range

4-20 cm

Therapy ModesAuto CPAP and Fixed Pressure CPAP
Power SupplyAC Input 100-240V
Sound Level< 20dB (A)
Monitored Therapy DetailsAHI, OAI, CAI, HI, SNI, FL, RERA, PB, Air Pressure, and Leak
Warranty2 years
Mask CompatibilityCompatible with all standard CPAP Masks. Nasal, Pillow and Full
Display3.5" LCD Screen 
SoftwareDownload the iMatrix software for iBreeze.

iBreeze Auto CPAP Demonstration and Review Video:

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