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  • Brand: Inogen
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Inogen G5 Battery Overview:

    This is the battery for the G5 Portable Oxygen System. The Inogen G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is one of the top Portable Oxygen units on the market today. Long lasting battery duration and up to a setting of 6. It covers all the basis. 

Inogen G5 Battery Features:

  • The 8 cell Single battery can give you a great duration and keep your unit super light-weight.
  • The 16 cell Double battery gives you the confidence to make sure that you have time between charges.

    Check out the battery details below, and remember that you can swap batteries on the go, so extra batteries and even different sized batteries can be a great idea.

Inogen G5 Battery Duration Chart:

SettingSingle Battery 8-CellDouble Battery 16-Cell
Pulse 16.5 hours13.5 hours
Pulse 25 hours10.25 hours
Pulse 33.5 hours7 hours
Pulse 42.5 hours5 hours
Pulse 52 hours4 hours
Pulse 61.5 hours3 hours

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