Inogen G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Inogen G5 Overview:

    The Inogen G5 is the longest lasting high output Portable Oxygen Concentrator available. It is a truly innovative product from one of the most reliable Manufacturers around. Inogen has always been known for quality and innovation. The New Inogen G5 is a testament to that.
    The Inogen G5 lasts up to 6.5 hours on the Single Battery System and up to 13 hrs on the Double battery system. That means you can move freely throughout your day. Knowing that you have plenty of battery life. the Inogen G5 has  setting range of 1-6 and can be adjusted with ease. The G5 weighs in at only 4.7 pounds. So carrying it along for the day is no problem at all. The G5 system comes with AC (Home) charging system, DC (car) Charging system, carry case, cannula, and the battery of your choice. Everything you need to get started.
    The Inogen G5 has a similar maintenance routine to its predecessors. Most of our customers see 18-24 months of Maintenance Free use. Depending of course on many factors associated with your personal use of the device.


Inogen G5 Features:

  • Interchangeable Batteries- Swap your G5 batteries on the go for those long flights or all day affairs. The batteries have their own charge indicator. No wondering if it's charged or not.
  • Under 5 lbs- This device is truly a big producer in a small package. The highest oxygen output of any Portabel Oxygen Concentrator <5lbs.
  • High Oxygen Output- The G5 can deliver up to a 1260 ml Oxygen Output. The highest of any Portable Oxygen Concentrator under 5 lbs.
  •  FAA Approval- your Inogen G5 can go onboard with you for in flight use while traveling.
  • Tool Free sieve bed replacement- Replace the Sieve beds in your own home without special tool kits.
  • 3 year WARRANTY- All the quality you have come to expect from inogen.
  • 24 hour use- The Inogen G5 is designed to be used all day. It is all you need for that next vacation or trip to see the family.  
  • LCD Display- The Inogen G5 communicates with you in clearly via the LCD display.  


 Inogen G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

 Dimensions 7.19" inches long, 3.26" inches wide and 8.15" tall
Weight 4.7 pounds (includes single battery)
 Noise Level 38 dBA (on setting 2)
 Flow Setting 6 settings: 1 to 6
 Oxygen Concentration 90% -3% / +6% at all settings
 Battery Details

Single Battery Duration: Up to 6.5 hrs Recharge Time: <3 hrs 

Double Battery Duration: Up to 13 hrs Recharge Time: < 6 hrs 

 Environmental RangesTemperature: 41 to 104˚F (5 to 40˚C)
Humidity: 0% to 95%, non-condensing
Altitude: 0 to 10,000 ft (0 to 3048 meters)

 Inogen G5 Battery Duration Chart:

SettingSingle Battery 8-CellDouble Battery 16-Cell
Pulse 16.5 hours13.5 hours
Pulse 25 hours10.25 hours
Pulse 33.5 hours7 hours
Pulse 42.5 hours5 hours
Pulse 52 hours4 hours
Pulse 61.5 hours3 hours

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