Luna 2 Washable Filter

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Luna 2 Washable Filters

    The Luna 2 CPAP can operate on a Washable filter that is washed and replaced once per week. This foam filter is built to last about 6 months. It will keep dust and dirt from entering your Luna 2 CPAP. 
    You can find your Luna 2 Filters on the back corner of your CPAP. Simply pull the filter housing off of the Luna two from the small pull tab on the cover. It will pull away completely from the CPAP. There you will find the filter and you can replace it.  

How to maintain your Luna 2 Washable Filters

Step 1: Remove the Filter Housing by pulling the finger hold tab

Step 2: Pull out the old filter. It should be bent at a 90-degree angle on the corner. 

Step 3: Wash, Rinse, Dry and Replace the Foam Filter back into the filter housing. 

Step 4: Replace the filter housing by clipping it back in to place on the Luna 2 CPAP. 

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