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Nasal Cushion Bundle Overview:

    We all know about the supply bundles here at CPAPmyway and how you can save big on your CPAP Supplies. However, many of our customers don't need all of those extra parts, like filters and tubing. So we have decided to create a bundle for just the Mask Cushions. This Nasal Bundles works for all Nasal and Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks. Giving everyone an option. If you want to save money on your Nasal CPAP Mask Replacement Cushions then you are in the right spot. This bundle works for all major makes and models of CPAP Masks. 

    Simply, select the quantity of cushions that you need and tell us the details of your mask. We take care of the rest. If you want these parts to be shipped automatically at a certain frequency, simply select a shipping frequency as well. We will securely store your payment info and ship it at your desired timeframe. Keep in mind that the more cushions you order, the more you save. For instance: Order just one and you get it for $25 which saved you about $10-20. Order a 6 pack and your price per cushion is just $20 saving you even more. 

How to determine Make, Model and Size:

    Finding the Make, Model, and Size is usually a pretty easy task if you know where to look. On most CPAP masks the manufacturer puts the Name on the mask frame and headgear.

    For instance: the ResMed AirFit P10 has the ResMed logo and the Mask Model Name listed in a few paces. The cushion size is located on the bottom of the mask cushion. The ResMed logo is on the side of the headgear and P10 Model is on the side of the frame. Check out the images below for reference. 


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