O2 Ring Pulse Oximeter

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O2 Ring Pulse Oximeter Overview:

    This great new Pulse Oximeter is an awesome new way to track and report on your heart rate and oxygen levels. Many use it for sport purposes while training while others are using it to record their sleep statistics. 

    It will record for 8+ hours on a single charge. Then you simply link the O2 Ring to the app on your smart phone to get an awesome report. The report will include a timeline showing your Pulse and Oxygen levels throughout the entire time you wore the device. It can also be used to show real time statistics on the O2 ring screen. 

    If you have ever wondered what your oxygen levels do during a workout or while you sleep, then wonder no more. Once the data is downloaded from the O2 Ring to the App, you can review the data in a simple timeline graph on your SmartPhone.  

O2 Ring Features:

  • Comfortable fit- The O2 Ring is designed to fit snuggly on your finger without pinching or squeezing. 
  • Records for Reporting- You can wear the O2 Ring for hours at a time and then review that data via the app. 
  • Seamless integration- The O2 Ring features bluetooth and it links to the app with ease. It downloads in seconds to the report view. 

***The O2 Ring is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is primarily used for sports or information purposes. 

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