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    The Invacare Perfecto Home Concentrator is a great option for reliable oxygen around the clock in your home. The Perfecto is capable of literally running tens of thousands of hours and we have seen them do that time and time again. The Perfecto can create continuous flow oxygen from 1-5 LPM and can use up to 50 ft of extensions tubing. Allowing you to move more freely around your home knowing that your are getting the oxygen you need. The built in Oxygen sensor, Sens02, verifies the purity of the oxygen coming out of the concentrator. That means you can rest easy knowing that the Perfecto is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

    Maintenance is a breeze on the Perfecto. There are two filters that are easily accessible to the customer. One external washable filter that requires a quick rinse once per week. As well as an inlet filter that needs to be changed every 6-12 months.


Perfecto Oxygen Concentrator Specifications: 

Dimensions 23" Tall and 11.5" x 13" Wide
Weight 39 lbs 
 Oxygen Flow Rates1-5 LPM 
Sound/Noise Level 43 dBa 
 Altitudeup to 8,000 ft 
 Power Specifications

120 VAC =/- 10%, 60 Hz

280 W consumption at 3 lpm 

 Output Pressureabout 5 PSI 
 Oxygen Purity Concentration87%-95.6% Purity at all flow rates


Perfecto Oxygen Concentrator Video Instructions: 

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