Platinum Mobile Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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This POC is quiet and lightweight. Its easy-to-use and compact design allows you to use this unit as a great option for everyday life or travels around the world. It is designed to be weather resistant so that you get to enjoy the outdoors again without concern for the life of your machine.

Smart Design

Easily convert the straps on the case to carry this unit as a messenger style, backpack, or purse style in seconds. The built in bag bumpers give you piece of mind that if your accidentally drop you new POC it will survive.

Simple Interface

The large sealed buttons allow simple operation of the unit. The back-lit LCD display takes the guess-work out of what your unit is doing. Don't guess what 3 beep and 4 red flashes means. This unit displays clearly that the "battery is low" or that you are running on setting of 2.

Power to Spare

Stop hassling with batteries. The batteries on this unit are accessible from the top of the unit. No need to even take the unit out of the carry case. Simply pop open the sealed battery lid and swap batteries out....EVEN WHILE THE UNIT IS RUNNING!!!

Temperature Tolerant

The intake and Exhaust features on this POC allow you to operate it in temperatures of to 104 degrees F.  



Weight: 4.98 lbs

Settings; 1-4 Pulse Dose

Operating Altitude: Up to 10,000 ft

Battery Duration: 5 hrs (One Battery) 10 hrs (2 Batteries) @setting of 1 

Recharge Time: Less than 3 hrs if unit is off

Sound: under 40 dB @ setting of 2 


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