AirFit N30i Nasal Cradle Mask

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  • Brand: ResMed
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AirFit N30i Overview:

   The All New ResMed AirFit N30i is a game changer in the Nasal CPAP Mask Market. A comfortable and stable fit that allows a freedom of movement for all CPAP users. The N30i features a top-of-the-head tube design that allows your CPAP tubing to connect at the top of the head instead of in front of the mask. It also has a unique nasal cradle design that fits comfortable under the nose without leaking.
    The N30i is perfect for active sleepers. The unique design allows you to sleep in any position without compromising the seal or the comfort. The SpringFit frame allows movement from side to side without pulling the Nasal Cradle lose. It also features a quick release  elbow on the top of the frame to make life easier when attaching or detaching from your tubing.
    The N30i has 4 interchangeable cushion sizes: Small, Medium, Small-Wide, and Wide. These cushions click in and out of the frame with ease so that finding the right size isn't a hassle. The fit-pack comes with 3 sizes of nasal cushions so that you can find the fit that works best for you.


AirFit N30i Features:

  • Flexible Movement and Connection- simple quick-release elbow for easy connection and disconnections at night with a 360 degree rotation for greater freedom of movement.
  • Stable Fit- Self-Adjusting  Spring-Fit Frame is quick to fit and stays comfortably in place all night even when you move.
  • Built-in Comfort- Soft, integrated sleeves complement the streamlined mask profile to create a softer, more comfortable experience for the user.
  • Soft Silicone Chassis-  the integrated chassis on the front of the cushion provides a great seal while at the same time a comfortable fit. 
  • Unobtrusive under the nose design- the cushion on the N30i sits below the users nose which softens the users feel of the mask while ensuring a reliable seal.
  • Curved Cradle Design- the curvature of the cradle on this mask is uniquely designed to fit the natural curvature of the nose. It transitions from thicker side walls (for stability) to thinner soft center that allows for maximum comfort.
  • Septum Bridge Membrane- this bridge at the middle of the cushion opening creates a stable seal all the way to the end of the nose.


AirFit N30i Nasal Specifications: 

Mask Sizes (Standard Frame)

Small (63802), Medium (63804),
Small-Wide (63808), Wide (63806)

Cleaning Procedure Mask

Hand Wash Daily 

Cleaning Procedure Headgear

Hand Wash Weekly 

Replacement Procedure 

Inspect daily and replace at first sign of wear 


Silicone Polycarbonate, Polycarbonate, 
Polyurethane Foam, Nylon/Spandex

Mask Type

Nasal CPAP Mask

Part Numbers

Cushions: Sm (63813), Med (63811), Sm/Wd (63810), Wd (63812)
Headgear: Standard (63814)


90 days from Manufacturer 

Operating Range (pressure cm)

4 - 20 cmH2O 

N30i Demonstration Video


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