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 AirFit F30i Overview: 

The ResMed AirFit F30i full face CPAP mask is truly a game changer for ResMed in the full face category. The F30i features a top-of-head tube connection which is the first of it's kind for ResMeds full face category. This allows the user to move much more freely from side-to-side and even sleep on their stomach, The F30i's Ultracompact cushion rests underneath your nose and over your mouth. This ensures that you will not have that nasal bridge discomfort or leak that more traditional full face masks can cause. The design of the F30i cushion also allows you to easily watch Tv or read before bed. Even if your wear glasses.
Additionally, the F30i cushion features a unique curved design. This helps prevent the nasal cushion from breaking seal at night and causing those irritating leaks up the side of the nose. The F30i cushion also features a septum membrane that keeps a very stable fit all the way to the end of the nose.
The flow of the CPAP comes from the top of the head down the sides of the face through the Frame tubes. Even if you sleep on one side or the other the pressure flows consistently to the cushion of the mask.


AirFit F30i Features:

  • Minimal Contact Full Face Cushion- allows the F30i to seal effectively without anything over the bridge of your nose. While still allowing the CPAP user to breath feely and comfortably through their nose or mouth.
  • Top-of-the-Head Connection- gives you a much greater freedom of movement and freedom of sleep position. The F30i even allows you to sleep on your stomach.
  • Simple Quick Connect- allows you to disconnect from your CPAP hose with ease for those night time bathroom runs.
  • LIghtweight Design- The F30i is extremely lightweight for a Full Face Mask which creates less need to tighten the mask on your face.
  • Quiet Exhalation Ports- located on the top of the mask and on the front of the cushion make the F30i as quiet as a whisper. They also ensure proper ventilation even if you sleep virtually face down.
  • Quick-Release Magnetic Headgear Clips- allow you to fit and remove your F30i with ease. Just get the headgear magnets close to the clip location and they virtually latch themselves on the frame.  


AirFit F30i Specifications:

Weight N/A
Cushion Sizes Small (63350), Medium (63351), Small-Wide (63352), Wide (63353)
Frame (Conduit) Sizes Small (63368), Standard (63369), Large (63370)
Mask Category  Full Face
Manufacturer Warranty  90 Days 
Part Numbers 

Med Cush/Standard Frame (63332), Small Cush/Small Frame (63330), Small Cush/Standard Frame (63331),

Wide Cush/Standard Frame (63333), Med Cush/Large Frame 63334)


AirFit F30i Demonstration Video 

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