AirTouch F20 Replacement Cushion

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  • Brand: ResMed
  • Product Code: AirTouch F20 Replacement Cushion

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This is a replacement Cushion for the AirTouch f20 Full Face Mask. It is designed to be disposable after 30 days of use. This cushion will fit the Airfit Full Face Mask as well as the AirTouch Full Face Mask.


The ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask is the latest full face mask from ResMed. It features a Memory Foam cushion that allows for an ultra-comfortable fit. Say good bye to those marks on your face in the morning, and say hello to a comfortable and effective seal. It is a full face mask that covers the mouth and the nose.


The AirTouch F20 is the memory foam version of the very popular AirFit F20 Full Face mask.  


The Airtouch F20 is the only mask on the market have this Memory Foam seal. It is great for people who have discomfort from their silicon mask or have skin allow   


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