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  • Brand: ResMed
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AirFit F20 Full Face Overview:

The ResMed F20 Full Face Mask is a great option in the full face realm. It is extremely lightweight, easy to fit, and provides a very effective seal. It features the Infinity Seal which allows the mask to seal without having to over-tighten the mask. Providing a great seal without the discomfort that over-tightening can cause. Additionally, the F20 has no forehead stabilizer which can be obstructive to your line-of-site. This gives you the freedom to watch TV or read while wearing your CPAP mask in bed.

The headgear on the F20 is long-lasting and can be washed easily. It is also features the softest headgear ResMed has ever made. Giving the F20 user a much more comfortable experience. The F20 also incorporates the simplest quick-release elbow connector available. It has oversized finger releases and it attaches and removes with ease. Allowing the user of the F20 to disconnect from the CPAP without having to refit in the middle of the night. The connector of the F20 also features an ultra-quiet exhalation port. This gives not only the user of the F20 a quiet and comfortable experience, but can eliminate the exhalation draft that many bed partners complain of. 


AirFit F20 Features:

  • Magnetic Headgear attachments- allow you to fit your F20 with ease. Just get the magnets in the neighborhood and they almost attach themselves. This is a great feature for those who have dexterity issues like arthritis. 
  • Easy clip-in cushions for ease of maintenance. Don't struggle with extra clips and fittings. The cushion of the F20 fits right into the frame without any difficulty. 
  • Lightweight design- The frame, cushion and headgear of the F20 are all designed to be as light as possible. This reduces the feel of the mask on your face. 
  • Clear line-of-sight - Watch Tv or read while wearing your F20 before bed. Gone are the days of falling asleep without your CPAP in the middle of your favorite TV show. 
  • Comfortable and effective seal- The F20 features the InfinitySeal. This seal allows you to create an incredible seal without having to over-tighten the headgear on the F20. 
  • Quick-Release Elbow on the F20 gives you the ability to connect and disconnect from your CPAP without having to take the mask on and off. Don't struggle in the dark refitting after that midnight bathroom run anymore. The Quick-Release on the F20 has large finger clips and slides in and out with ease. 
  • Quiet and Comfortable Exhalation- The F20 features the Quiet-Air Elbow. This exhalation port makes the F20 so quiet that you may not hear anything at all. It also reduces the sound and feel that can be disturbing to bed partners. 


AirFit F20 Specifications: 

Mask Sizes (Standard Headgear)

Small (63400), Medium (63401), Large (63402)

Cleaning Procedure Mask

Hand Wash Daily 

Cleaning Procedure Headgear

Hand Wash Weekly 

Replacement Procedure 

Inspect daily and replace at first sign of wear 


Silicone, Elastic, Polycarbonate, Metal Plated Magnet, Nylon

Mask Type

Full Face CPAP Mask

Part Numbers

Cushions: Sm (63467), Med (63468), Lrg (63469)
Headgear: Standard (63471), Small (63470)


90 days from Manufacturer 

Operating Range (pressure cm)

4 - 24 cmH2O 

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