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Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask Overview:

The Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask is one of the most innovative masks on the market. Tired of soreness or abrasion on the bridge of your nose??? This mask could be the answer. Amara View’s under-the-nose placement makes it a great choice for CPAP users that want to avoid the abrasion or irritation at the bridge of the nose. It is a true game changer in the CPAP world.


Amara View CPAP Mask Features: 

  • Minimal Contact design allows the Amara View to seal incredibly well without any contact with the bridge of the nose. Say goodbye to a sore bridge and hello to a great nights sleep. Wear glasses or watch TV while laying in bed wearing your Amara View. 
  • 5 Point headgear adjustment on the Amara View allows it to fit your head in a very unique way. No head is the same and finally the fit of the Amara View takes that into account. 
  • Easy Magnetic Clips on the Amara View make taking the mask on and off extremely easy. No more fumbling around in the middle of the night trying to attach your mask. The magnets lock securely into place and will not pull lose in the night. 
  • Comfortable under-nose seal allows you to breath with ease through your nose while still maintaining a great seal. The rectangular opening rests under your nose allowing you to breath easily and still maintain free and clear vision. 
  • Short spring-tube swivels and stretched to provide you mobility while sleeping. The short tube extends off of the Amara View and connects directly to your CPAP tube. This small extension is designed to stretch and swivel at both ends. This allows you to move side to side without compromising the fit of the Amara View mask on your face. 
  • Universal frame allows you to connect the Small, Medium, or Large cushion on the same mask. This makes life really easy if you are trying the Amara View out for the first time. The Amara view is available as a fit-pack so that all sizes (small, medium, and large) are included in one mask kit. No guess work at all. 


Amara View Accessories:

Amara View Replacement Headgear

Amara View Replacement Cushion

Amara View Short Tube Connector

Amara View Headgear Clips

Amara View Full Face Mask Specifications:

Weight 1lb
Cushion Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Latex Free Yes
Mask Category  Full Face Mask
Manufacturer Warranty  90 Days 
Associated Part Numbers 

1090632, 1090633, 1090634


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