Dreamstation CPAP Pro

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The Dreamstation CPAP Pro is a great unit. It is has a small footprint on the nightstand and is very lightweight for traveling. Connectivity options make this unit a great unit for staying in tune with your physician or provider. This is a set pressure machine so you will need to have a pressure setting that can be entered in via a prescription from your doctor.


Patient Driven Design

A Sleek, Stylish, Low-Profile design offers the features that are important to pap users. The small size and lightweight design make it easy to travel with. Easy to use patient menu and easy to clean one-piece humidifier chamber.


Acclimation made easy

The comfort features in the Dreamstation create a long term usage and compliance. EZ-Start helps patients acclimate to therapy, and the SmartRamp allows users to fall asleep with lower pressures.


Wireless monitoring

The Dreamstation has an available wifi or cell modem attachment that can allow the provider to communicate directly with the device in the even that troubleshoot or settings changes are necessary. This cuts down on unnecessary appointment and time spent without using the device.


 Long Term Support

Bluetooth connectivity allows pap users to connect to support and information regarding their therapy with the DreamMapper self management tool. This allows users to monitor their own usage and compliance and even create reports on their own.  

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