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DreamWear Full CPAP Mask Overview:

 The DreamWear Full Face Mask is designed with comfort in mind. The DreamWear Full Face Mask has a modern under-nose-fit that allows you to breathe through your mouth or your nose. In addition to that the DreamWear Full has a tubing connection at the top of the head. These 2 features make the Dream Wear Full a really exceptional mask option. The Under-nose seal gives you the freedom to ear glasses, watch, tv, or read while wearing the DreamWear Full in bed. The Top of the head connection allows you to move much more freely from side to side while wearing the DreamWear Full. 

 Another great feature of the DreamWear Full is that it uses the same frame as the DreamWear Nasal, and DreamWear Gel Pillows mask. This allows you to switch back and forth between mask styles without sacrificing the comforts you like about the DreamWear Full Mask. 


DreamWear Full CPAP Mask Features:

  • Soft Flexible Silicon Frame- gives the DreamWear Full the comfort and flexibility to all you much more freedom of movement without sacrificing comfort. The silicon frame directs the air-flow from the tube connection down the sides of the mask and into your airway. No more hose dragging around off the front of your face with the DreamWear Full. 
  • Open View- the DreamWear full features a Minimal Contact design, which is a much more modern way of fitting a full face cpap mask. This allows you to breathe through your mouth or nose without the hassle of sealing a mask over the bridge of your nose. With the DreamWear Full you can wear glasses, watch TV or read a book while lying in bed with your mask on. 
  • Freedom of Movement- the innovative design of the DreamWear Full allows you to sleep in any position, because the tubing attached on top of the head. Stop dragging that CPAP tube around with you throughout the night. With the DreamWear full you can easily switch from side to side and can even sleep on your stomach. 
  • Plug and Play Flexibility- the design of the DreamWear Full allows you to switch between full face, nasal, and nasal pillow attachments. The DreamWear Nasal and DreamWear Nasal Pillow use the exact same frame as the DreamWear Full. That means you can switch between the DreamWear Full and either of the DreamWear Nasal options without sacrificing the great features that you love about the DreamWear Full. 
  • Flexible cushion sizes -give the DreamWear Full the ability to fit a large percentage of CPAP users. It is available in Small, Medium, Large, and Medium Wide. All of these cushion sizes will fit the same frame. You can even order the DreamWear Full as a fitpack so that all of these sizes are included. 
  • Flexible Frame Sizing- The DreamWear Full has Small, Medium and Large Frame sizes. This gives the DreamWear Full even more flexibility to fit virtually any CPAP user. The Standard sizing that comes with the mask is a Medium Frame and fits "most" CPAP users. 

DreamWear Full Accessories:

DreamWear Full Replacement headgear

DreamWear Full Replacement Cushions

DreamWear Full Frame

DreamWear Full CPAP Mask Specifications: 



Cushion Sizes 

Small, Medium, Large, Medium-Wide, and Fitpack 

Headgear Sizes 


Mask Category 

Full Face CPAP Mask 

Manufacturer Warranty 

90 Days 

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