Rio 2 Nasal Pillow Mask

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  • Brand: 3B Medical
  • Product Code: Rio II Pillow Mask

Rio II Nasal Pillow Mask    

The Rio II is a great Nasal Pillow option at a really affordable price. This mask kit comes with all pillow sizes including: Small, Medium, and Large. It features very comfortable Nasal Pillows that rest gently on the nostril. The Rio II has extremely simple and soft headgear. It is adjusted with 2 velcro straps on the side of the head. Additionally, the Rio II has a super-smooth swivel on the front of the mask to allow for free movement from side to side as you are wearing the mask. 

Rio II Features:

  • Simple fit headgear- The Rio II has a very minimal headgear that consists of two straps along the side of the face that split around the crown of your head for stability. It is adjusted easily with the 2 velcro straps. 
  • Open line of sight- the Rio II has nothing over the eyes or nose. So you can wear glasses. watch TV, or even read while wearing your mask in bed. 
  • Comfortable Silicone Pillows- The Silicone Pillows on the Rio II provide a very effective fit without irritating your nose. They come in Small, Medium, and Large. The Standard mask kit comes with all size pillows when you order. 

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