Siesta Full Cushion

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  • Brand: 3B Medical
  • Product Code: Siesta Full Cushion

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Siesta Full Face Cushion Overview:

The Siesta Full Face cushion is both comfortable and effective. It seals over the Nose and Mouth allowing the user to breathe comfortably through the mouth and/or nose. It attaches to the frame of the Siesta Mask with ease. No complicated clips or release buttons. The Siesta Cushion is available in Small, Medium and Large. 

Siesta Full Cushion Features:

Easy Connection allows you to attach and remove the Siesta Cushion with ease. There are no clips or releases to fiddle with. It simply clips in and out with a gentle press or pull. 

Wide fit range- The Siesta cushion is available in Small, Medium, and Large which will fit a vast majority of CPAP Users. It is also available in a fit-pack with all sizes included.

Universal Frame allows you to connect all sizes of the Siesta Cushion to the same frame. No need to buy a whole new mask when you want to try another size. 

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