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  • Brand: 3B Medical
  • Product Code: Siesta Full Face

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Siesta Full Face CPAP Mask Overview:

The Siesta Full Face is a great option at a great price. It is a minimal coverage full face mask which means there is no forehead bar to restrict your field of vision. That means you can watch TV or even read while wearing your mask in bed. Additionally, the Siesta Full has simple headgear clips. This means that you wont have to struggle to take you head on and off. The Siesta is available in Small, Medium, and Large, giving the Siesta a very wide fit-range. It features an ultra-wide adjustment range on the headgear so that the standard headgear will fit a vast majority of CPAP users. 

Siesta Full Features:

  • Open Field of Vision on the Siesta allows you to watch TV or read while wearing your mask in bed. No more falling asleep while watching TV and losing a night on CPAP therapy. 
  • Wide cushion fit-range on the Siesta Full gives you confidence that either the Small, Medium or Large cushion will fit your effectively and comfortably. 
  • Comfortable Headgear on the Siesta is ultra-adjustable. It fits a vast majority of CPAP Users heads. Even those with larger than normal brains ;).
  • Quiet Exhalation- The Siesta full features a very nice multi-port exhalation. This disperses the air very well and keep this mask really quiet in use. 

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