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Premium Home Sleep Test Overview:

The Premium Home Sleep Test is an All-Inclusive option for Sleep Apnea Testing at home. The Premium Home Sleep Test comes with everything that you could possibly want for your initial Sleep Apnea Screening. It begins with a Virtual Doctor visit with a Board Certified Sleep Doctor. Start with the virtual Board Certified Doctor visit, where you'll discuss your symptoms and personal concerns surrounding your sleep. The next step is the Sleep Test. You will receive a simple Home Sleep Test kit in the mail. You will perform the test at home and return it to CPAPmyway. We will forward the Test back to your Dr for review and interpretation. After the results are completed you will be notified and allowed to schedule your Post-Testing virtual visit with the same Doctor. At that point you will discuss the results of the test and the recommended next steps for treating any issues that were observed in the test. If a Prescription is necessary for further treatment it will be included as well. 

How does the Premium Home Sleep Test work:


  1. 1) Add your Premium Home Sleep Test to your cart and Checkout.
  2. 2) You will receive a scheduling email to line up your initial telemed visit. 
  3. 3) You will meet with a Board Certified Sleep Doctor about the Sleep Symptoms and concerns that you are having. 
  4. 4) Next you will perform a quick and easy Sleep Test in your Home, and send it back immediately to CPAPmyway. Important note: you must perform and return the Sleep Test within 2 days of receiving. If not you will be subject to a late return fee of up to $25 per day. 
  5. 5) The Test Kit will be forwarded to your assigned Doctor for review and interpretation. And you will receive a notice to schedule a secondary telemed visit with the Board Certified Sleep Dr to review those results. 
  6. 6) You will meet with the Board Certified Sleep Dr via telemed visit to discuss the results of your test and the recommendations for treatment (if needed). 
  7. 7) A prescription will be generated for your therapy recommendations and you will receive options for moving forward on the recommended therapy. 

What is included with the Premium Home Sleep Test 

  • - Initial virtual telemed evaluation with a Board Certified Sleep Doctor
  • - Home Sleep Test Kit to perform the Sleep Test in your home
  • - Free Priority shipping (usually 2 day shipping) of the test kit to you and back 
  • - Secondary virtual telemed visit with Board Certified Sleep Doctor to review results
  • - Full report with interpretation and treatment recommendations from the Board Certified Doctor
  • - Therapy Prescription (if needed and warranted) from the Board Certified Sleep Dr

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