ResMed SlimLine CPAP Tube

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  • Brand: ResMed
  • Product Code: SlimLine Tubing

ResMed SlimLine CPAP Tubing:

    This is the replacement CPAP tube for ResMed CPAP Machines. If you are looking for the exact tubing that came with your ResMed CPAP then this is most likely it.  It is a very flexible CPAP tube with very little memory. That means great freedom of movement and no more kinks in the tubing. This is the replacement tubing for the standard tubing that is included with a ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP. Product Number 36810

SlimLine CPAP Tube Features:

  • Slim diameter- The 15mm center diameter of the SlimLine CPAP Tube moves much more easily in bed and is much lighter than the 22mm former model. 
  • 22mm cuffs allow this CPAP tube to connect to almost any standard CPAP or CPAP mask connection. 
  • Flexible design- The SlimLine CPAP Tube is extremely flexible and has very little memory. No more aggravating kinks in the CPAP Tube. 
  • Lightweight design- This CPAP tube is extremely lightweight. Giving you a much better freedom of movement as you move in bed. 

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