SoClean 2 Universal Adapter

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 Universal SoClean Adapter for CPAP

    This adapter will allow you to connect any CPAP Machine to the SoClean Automatic CPAP Cleaner. It is not effective for most heated tubing options. It is a simple and effective way to continue using your SoClean on your CPAP when there is not a specific adapter available for your particular CPAP. 

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How to connect the SoClean to your CPAP:

1) Disconnect your CPAP tubing from the Air Outlet of the CPAP Machine.

2) Determine how long you want your interior injection tube and cut it. You may also remove it completely if needed.

3) Attach the adapter to the Air Outlet of the CPAP and reattach CPAP tubing to the other side of the adapter.

4) Connect the long injection tube from the back of the SoClean to the adapter nipple.

SoClean to CPAP connection video instructions:

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