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The Transcend P10 battery is a truly unique CPAP battery. Designed for the Transcend 365 CPAP it fits neatly underneath so that you don't lose an inch of precious nightstand real-estate. The stackable design makes it sleek and user friendly. It is the only integrated CPAP battery designed to power the CPAP and the Heated humidifier at the same time. This sets the Transcend 365 Travel CPAP apart from any other Travel CPAP on the market. It recharges easily with the Transcend 365 AC Power Supply and can even be plugged inline so that if you have a power failure the Transcend 365 will switch over to battery operation seamlessly.

Take your CPAP and Humidifier with you on the road wherever your travels take you with the P10 Battery and Transcend 365 miniCPAP. With up to 26 hours of run time (time based on running the CPAP without Heated Humidity) at a setting of 12cm you can be off-the-grid for multiple nights.



  • Small Design- the slim profile, light weight, and stackable design make this battery easy to travel with.
  • Powers Humidifier- the P10 is the only battery built specifically to power the CPAP and the Heated humidifier at the same time.
  • Backup Power Option- the P10 can be run in-line with the power supply so that the battery will take over in the event of an outage.
  • No Extra Plugs or Cords- The P10 battery charges with the same AC power supply for the Transcend 365.
  • FAA Approved- Use the P10 on your next long flight with no issue at all.  
  • Huge Run time- The P10 will Power the Transcend 365 for up to 26 hrs and about 6 hours with your heated humidifier running. Run times can vary on Pressure settings as well as other variables.


 Dimensions7.8" Long X 3.8" Wide 
 Weight< 1 lb 
Run Time 

26 hrs (setting of 12cm without Humidifier)

5.8 hrs (setting of 12cm with Humidifier)

 Recharge TimeAbout 7 hrs from Empty
Warranty  9 Months


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