Universal AirMini Tube Adapter

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Universal AirMini Tubing Adapter:

    This universal adapter will allow you to attach any standard CPAP mask to your AirMini Travel CPAP. It is specially designed to work with the AirMini Travel CPAP. The AirMini has a unique connection that requires you to use an AirMini Style tubing and mask. With this adapter you can connect a standard CPAP tube and then any CPAP mask that you like. 

    You may need to add in a tube in addition to this adapter to connect your mask. The AirMini Tube is a 15mm tube, so it is best to use a Slim Style 15mm tubing with this adapter. If you are already using a Slim Style CPAP tube with your home CPAP, then you can connect it to this adapter. It is also important to note that this product is not made or recommended by ResMed. This is an aftermarket product designed by a third party. 

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