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Vitera Full Face Overview:

  The New Vitera Full Face Mask from Fisher and Paykel provides a ton of great and useful features that make sleeping with CPAP amazingly comfortable and effective. The thoughtfully crafted name Vitera represents Vitality in a New Era. But the thoughtfulness didn't stop there. The Vitera has an all-new RollFit XT cushion that allows it to dynamically adapt to the user as they move during the night. The Vitera RollFit seal extends 93% further than the previous RollFit version. This makes sure that even those with narrow or small noses get an effective seal. Additionally the Vitera has a new removable headgear clip that allows you to remove the headgear for cleaning with ease. The all-new Vitera Headgear also comes with a unique breathable headgear that cuts down on heat and perspiration on your head.
Overall the Vitera has taken Fisher and Paykel to a new level of full face mask performance.


Vitera Features:

  • RollFit Xl Cushion- allows for a better seal at the bridge of the nose and provides a dynamic seal even while the user moves in bed.
  • Breathable Headgear- reduces perspiration and heat with a unique breathable design.
  • Easy to remove headgear- allows users to remove the headgear via a new headgear clip for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Better Stability- 93% of patients rated the Vitera as equally or more stable than their current mask.
  • Flexibility of movement- 88% of Vitera users reported that they could sleep with ease in the preferred sleep position.
  • Improved Comfort- 90% of Vitera users rated the Vitera as equally or more comfortable than their current mask.
  • VisiBlue color cues- highlight the connection points to assist with assembly and disassembly.

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Vitera Accessories:

Vitera Specifications: 

 Weight  N/A
Cushion Sizes  Small, Medium, Large, and Fitpack 
Headgear Sizes  Small (400VIT121), Medium/Large (400VIT122)
Mask Category 

Full Face 

Manufacturer Warranty  90 Days 
Part Numbers  Small (VIT1SA), Medium (VIT1MA), Large (VIT1LA), Fitpack (VIT1SMLA) 


 Vitera Full Face Demonstration Video:

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