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Vitera Replacement Headgear Overview:

    This is the Replacement Headgear for the Vitera Full Face Mask. It is available in Small and Medium/Large. The Vitera Headgear is designed with a special breathable fabric called VeniCool that reduces heat on the back of the head. The Vitera Headgear also comes with a new easy to use clip system that allows you to take your mask on and off without wrestling a tricky headgear clip.

    The breathable fabric on the Vitera headgear allows 21 times more airflow and 35% more moisture transfer than previous models. This means that Vitera users stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

Vitera Specifications:

Headgear SizesMedium/Large (400VIT122) or Small (400VIT121)
Mask TypeFull Face
Replacement FrequencyEvery 6-12 months
AdjustabilityHighly adjustable via velcro straps

Vitera Headgear Maintenance Procedure:

    Soak the headgear assembly in a solution of mildly alkali, anionic detergent e.g. Alconox, according to the manufacturer’s instructions (at 1% concentration and 50˚C for 10mins), ensuring that no air bubbles are present on the device surface. Using a soft non-metallic brush (e.g. medium-hard toothbrush), scrub the headgear and clips until visibly clean but not for less than 30 seconds. Pay close attention to crevices, cavities and corners. Rinse under running water for at least 30 seconds, intermittently wringing the fabric. Submerge in 5 litres of demineralised water while agitating and squeezing for at least 30 seconds. Repeat submerged rinse. Repeat submerged rinse as necessary to ensure that all detergent residue is removed. 

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