Viva Replacement Headgear

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Viva Headgear Overview: 

The Viva Headgear is ultra-soft and easy to fit. It comes equipped with the standard headgear clips. The Viva Headgear features 4 points of attachment. 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom. This allows you to wear your Viva mask without worrying about it shifting on your face. It fits a wide range of heads, even those of you with slightly larger heads. 

Viva Headgear Features:

  • Soft design makes the Viva Headgear comfortable to wear. 
  • Wide fitting range- The Viva headgear fits a wide range of head sizes.  
  • Easy fitting with the quick-connect clips allows you to take the Viva Mask on and off with ease. 

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