Types Of CPAP Masks

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What are the different types of CPAP masks, and what sets them apart?

If you’re a sufferer of sleep apnea and your doctor prescribed a CPAP mask, you may be in for a big adjustment. As useful as these masks can be, they take some getting used to — sometimes the first one you try won’t seem comfortable at all, and you’ll find yourself wondering if you’ll ever be able to get any real sleep with it.

Luckily, if you do not like your mask, there are other options out there. CPAP masks aren’t “one size fits all,” and some are better suited for certain people than others. There are many different types of CPAP masks available, and many of them offer features that could make them the ideal fit for your needs.

Resmed CPAP Masks

Although designs vary from mask to mask, Resmed typically offers a more minimalistic design than most other alternatives, with fewer parts. These masks tend to be lighter and more comfortable than many of their competitors.
  • The Resmed Airfit F20 features a simple design that provides the benefits of traditional full face masks, only in a more compact and convenient form. These masks also use a circular venting system that distributes exhaled air evenly while keeping it from hitting surrounding objects — or other people.
  • The Airfit P10 from Resmed is a nasal pillow mask designed to be much quieter and lighter than your average CPAP mask. The Airfit P10 also comes with a headgear setup intended to let you feel free, with as little contact with your face as possible.
  • Resmed’s Airfit N20 is another lightweight nasal mask with a compact design that has gained favor among users for its comfort, stability and visual freedom. The N20 doesn’t block your vision while still bringing you the function you’d expect from a high-quality CPAP mask. The flexible tubing and a lack of unnecessary parts serve to make it even more convenient.

Respironics Masks for Sleep Apnea

Philips Respironics provides patients with masks that feature some customizable options. These components have a focus on helping sleep apnea sufferers remain as comfortable as possible at night.
  • The Respironics Wisp is a nasal mask that allows users to choose between different frame styles depending on the feel they desire. There are also several cushion sizes to select from, meaning you can take your time and decide which setup is most comfortable for you. The frame design is lightweight and doesn’t require a forehead support.
  • Respironics Amara View masks are composed in a way that reduces facial discomfort and red marks on the bridge of your nose. Even though it’s a full face mask, it also provides a wide field of view — you can even wear glasses with it! The Amara View is one of the lightest and most compact full face masks available today.
  • Philips Respironics’ Dreamwear and Dreamwear Gel Pillow combine features from both nasal and pillow masks, which allows users to enjoy benefits from both types. The mask is designed to direct air through the frame, allowing for improved comfort and better freedom of movement during the night. Dreamwear masks also feature soft straps to help ensure that they don’t get uncomfortable, regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Fisher and Paykel CPAP Masks

Masks from this maker feature the ability to contour to your face, which can help prevent irritation while you’re asleep. With Fisher and Paykel masks, there is a focus on comfort.
  • Fisher and Paykel Simplus is a full face mask that uses rolling action to deliver a comfortable fit. The mask’s cushion rolls on the bridge of your nose, lessening the pressure while still achieving a close seal for maximum effectiveness. The Simplus also features air diffusing technology that gets rid of much of the noise generated by most CPAP masks.
  • Fisher and Paykel’s Eson is a nasal mask with multiple adjustable settings, which you can tweak for a customized fit that suits your needs. The Eson is available in three sizes and comes with an exhalation port to reduce noise. The mask boasts a lightweight design, in addition to hooks that allow for quick and simple removal without needing to undo your adjustments.
  • Fisher and Paykel Brevida, a nasal pillow mask, features headgear that adapts to your facial structure for maximum comfort. Brevida masks come with inflated pillows positioned around the nose for greater ease of movement, as well as a membrane that self-inflates for better comfort and efficiency. This mask can provide a great night’s sleep without the discomfort you might encounter with other nasal pillow masks.

CPAP masks are designed to help you get a good night’s sleep, but not all are created equal. Learn which types of CPAP masks are right for you, and which ones can allow you to stay as comfortable as possible while still enjoying the benefits they bring. Making the right choice can be the first step to waking up rested, every single day.