What Is A CPAP Machine


What IS a CPAP Machine? Find out how CPAP machines help with sleep apnea. Also, important information you’ll want to know about your insurance coverage. CPAPMyWay.com makes it easy to get the CPAP equipment and disposable supplies you need – without a hassle, without breaking the bank, and without delay.

What is a CPAP machine, and why would you use one?

“What is a CPAP machine, Doc?” If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea and your doctor recommends that you start continuous positive airway pressure therapy, or CPAP, you might feel like you’re a little bit behind the curve. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Maybe you’ve seen someone use one on an airplane. But until your doctor told you that you need one, you probably never paid a whole lot of attention to CPAP machines. Check out the different CPAP options that we have in our store.

CPAP Machines Help Treat Sleep Apnea

Millions of Americans have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing – and possibly wake up – multiple times throughout the night. Essentially, the soft tissues in your mouth and throat are collapsing as you sleep, blocking your airway. Your body’s response is to fight for air, which is why many patients with sleep apnea snore or gasp for air as they sleep. Your doctor probably discussed all the problems sleep apnea can cause:
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • and more
Your CPAP machine’s components include the machine, a mask, a tube, and a filter. They work together to pump a steady, gentle stream of pressurized air into your airway so you keep breathing throughout the night.

Does Insurance Cover CPAP Machines?

In many cases, yes. However, if you have an outstanding deductible you better think twice. In many cases, using your insurance (which forces you to pay contracted insurance rates) can cost you HUNDREDS more than buying through CPAPmyway. Some of our customers have reported saving as much as $600 by purchasing through CPAPmyway instead of their insurance contracted provider. It is most certainly worth a side by side comparison. Even if you have already been diagnosed and prescribed CPAP by your physician. Our All-Inclusive CPAP Packages can save you huge money. If you’re generally healthy, but need CPAP therapy, by running the purchase through your insurance, you’re nearly guaranteed to pay completely out of pocket. Also, you’ll probably have to use a supplier that has an agreement with your insurer, rather than getting to choose the supplies you want. So the CPAP you receive may not be the one best suited to your lifestyle. Another way your insurance company may make getting the CPAP supplies you need complicated is by requiring regular in-office doctor’s visits to get your prescription renewed. Not only can this requirement delay getting those supplies, but you might also end up missing work to keep all those doctor’s appointments.

There’s a Better Way to Get the CPAP Supplies You Need

The whole reason CPAPMyWay.com is in business is to make getting the CPAP supplies you need fast, easy, and affordable. We make it so easy, in fact, that once you know what supplies you need each month, you can set up a recurring auto-ship and forget about it. Month after month, your supplies will arrive right at your doorstep. No hassle whatsoever. Need something else added in? Go right ahead. Your monthly shipment is completely under your control. What about pricing? Since we don’t work with insurance companies, that’s a good question to ask! Because this is all we do – and we don’t have to make up for horribly low insurance reimbursements by doing massive volume, we can set our own prices – and we believe in being fair in our pricing. Check out the pricing on our disposable CPAP supplies for yourself. You’ll probably be shocked to see how much you can save by buying direct instead of jumping through the hoops required to use your health insurance. If you have questions, we’re here to help you get answers. If you’re ready to kick the expense and hassle of using your insurance to buy your CPAP supplies to the curb, you’re in the right place. We think you’ll be delighted by the difference.