Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) Kit

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  • Brand: Breas
  • Product Code: Heat Moisture Exchange (HME)

The Heat moisture Exchange (HME) is designed to use your own exhaled humidity to keep you from drying out while on CPAP. Maybe you hate lugging around that huge humidifier or you use a travel CPAP. This is the option for you. The HME is very easy to attach to you current CPAP system, and are placed between the Mask connection and the tubing. The HME works great with the Transcend Travel CPAP, Z1 Travel CPAP and the Dreamstation Go Travel CPAP. They also can be used with any other CPAP to reduce or eliminate the necessity of a Humidifier System.

**Due to industry shortages HME shipped may be slightly different model than HME in pictured if stock levels are short** 

This is a disposable item not meant to be used for more than 30 days.


*This item does not fit the AirMIni Travel CPAP.  



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