Luna G3 Auto CPAP Review – What you need to know

  • By Clay Rollyson
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The Luna G3 Auto CPAP is the latest from 3B medical. Our experience with 3B CPAPs has been very positive overall, and we expect the G3 Auto CPAP to be a similar experience. It is small, lightweight, and has all of the comfort features that today’s CPAP user would expect. Let’s take a deeper dive.

What is new on the Luna G3 Auto CPAP?

The previous 3B CPAP model was the Luna 2 and was a great CPAP for us and our customers over the years. However, that CPAP had its shortcomings. The two biggest downsides to the Luna 2 were the Size/Weight and the connectivity. These two things made it a tough choice for those that wanted a smaller/lightweight option with connectivity for reporting. The Luna G3 Auto CPAP completely resolves those issues. It takes up just 10.5″ x 5.7″ on the nightstand and weighs just 3.7 lbs. On top of that the Travel Case is just 13″ x 11″ x 5.5″. This means that finding a spot on the nightstand and traveling with your Luna G3 is a breeze. The G3 also features an integrated cell modem. This means that your compliance data will upload automatically. Giving your provider and doctor simple access for reporting your CPAP usage. Additionally, you can expect all the great things of the past like, quiet operation, durability, and comfortable operation.

Features of the Luna G3 Auto CPAP:

  • Small and lightweight– At just 3.75 pounds and a dimension of 4.49″ x 5.71″ x 10.43″ you will have no issues traveling with or finding a spot for your Luna G3.
  • Integrated heated tubing– The heated tubing on the G3 is a nice upgrade from previous 3B models. The heated tube plugs directly into the back allowing you a premium humidification experience.
  • Quiet Operation– Sound might be the most-asked question from the spouses of our customers. At just 26 dBA, the G3 is whisper quiet while operating at 10cm.
  • Multiple data options– The Luna G3 has the option of SD card, scan upload, or remote upload. It is great for truck drivers or those that need to keep close monitoring with their doctor.
  • Multiple Therapy Options– Whether you are using fixed pressure CPAP or need the Auto Adjusting settings, this CPAP can handle it comfortably for you.

Luna G3 Auto CPAP Pros and Cons:

This CPAP will be a great option for new CPAP users as well as those who have been on CPAP for years and need a modern upgrade. It has great upsides as well as a few downsides that you should take into consideration when checking out new CPAP options.

Luna G3 CPAP Pros:

  • Small and lightweight– This CPAP is obviously not a “Travel CPAP”, but for those that need a CPAP with all the features of a home CPAP, but also the ability to get on the road from time to time you have it here.
  • Connectivity– Previous 3B models did not have any connectivity integrated into the CPAP. The G3 changes that. It has an integrated cell modem that will automatically upload your data back to us and your doctor. This means that if you need reporting for your job or great communication to your doctor you are in luck.
  • Affordable– 3B came into the market with affordability in mind. They have consistently offered good products at competitive pricing. They hit that out of the park on the G3 CPAP.

Luna G3 CPAP Cons:

  • Water chamber can be tricky– Removing the water chamber for cleaning and maintenance can be tough. You have to press down firmly to release it, but it can be tough for people that have dexterity issues. Luckily, the water chamber can be filled without removing it.
  • App isn’t very good– As of writing this today the app is not great. That can, and probably will change with time. As for today, if you are a person that likes good “tech”, the app will not live up to your standards, most likely.

Our thoughts on the Luna G3 Auto CPAP:

Our overall opinion on the Luna G3 Auto CPAP is positive. While the Luna 2 had some limitations that forced us to limit our recommendation to certain CPAP users, the Luna G3 has changed that. If you are a basic CPAP user, then this is a great option for you. The only person that we would not recommend this to would be someone that might have issues removing the water tank (most people will not) or CPAP users that love their reports on their app every day. That means for almost everyone looking for a great and affordable CPAP option, the Luna G3 has to be on your short list of considerations.