Considering Self-Pay for CPAP?

  • By Clay Rollyson
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4 Reasons to get a CPAP Machine without Insurance

Why would I self-pay for my CPAP?
In many cases paying privately for a CPAP can save you significant time and money. Because CPAPmyway is not contracted with any insurance carriers we can offer custom options that you may not have even known existed, that cost less than you could have imagined. When you use your insurance contracted provider and have an outstanding deductible you are paying rates contracted by your insurance carrier. In many cases those rates can be hundreds more than purchasing through CPAPmyway.

Save Money

CPAPmyway has all-inclusive CPAP packages from $595-695. We have seen customer pay as much as $1400 when they have an outstanding deductible and use their insurance contracted provider. That is a savings of over $800 with CPAPmyway. CPAP packages include everything that you need to get started with therapy.
All Inclusive Packages contain:
  • CPAP Machine
  • CPAP Mask of choice (with 30 day exchange guarantee)
  • Tubing, Filters, and Humidifier
  • Compliance reporting to your Doctor
  • Delivery to your door

Save Time

By self-paying for your CPAP you can start therapy as early as today. If your Doctor has issued you a prescription for CPAP there is no need to wait anymore. The only thing that we need at CPAPmyway is a prescription from your Doctor. No waiting on authorizations, delivery schedules, or paperwork processing timelines.

Save Headache

From the day you get your CPAP from CPAPmyway, you own it. That may not be the case when you go through insurance. Many insurance contracted providers rent the machine to you and require that you meet certain Compliance Metrics in order to keep that CPAP machine. If you don’t meet those requirements, you may lose your CPAP along with all the money you’ve invested in it so far.

Get Options

At CPAPmyway we give you choice. You get to choose the product that suits your lifestyle instead of the product your insurance company approves. This can make a world of difference in your ability to use your CPAP machine. We carry all major makes and models including travel CPAPs. If there’s a better option for you, we make it happen.